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Why Vitamin C is good for your skin

Vitamin C is a popular vitamin most people are aware of, especially in our oranges.
Today I want to explain how important and effective Vitamin C really is, for our skin and bodies.

C - Clarity.
Clarity is the perfect work to go along side Vitamin C. The outline that I want to get across for why this is good for the skin and this corrects any uneve skin/pigmentation with the well researched brightening benefits.
By managing the skins brightening effects this will then correct any pigmentation areas, either caused naturally, sun exposure and even post-acne redness.
Usually most of us have some sort of uneven skin to our faces, which can be an issue when applying a makeup base and getting that flawless effect.
If focusing on your vitamin C either through intake or appearance using products this will give huge benefits to your skin inside and out. So with a month of dedication you will see a difference.

From the brightening ingredients in vitamin C this will improve any dull, congested skin types to reduce inflammation and correct/remove dead skin cells that cling onto the skin.
This will then result to a more healthy, even, luminous and bright appearance to the skin, which effects you on the inside and out, especially the mood you give out when this is all corrected. Haha
Remember my previous post on 'Glowing Skin' and the 'Strobing Trend' by making a change and upping that vitamin C you will achieve this naturally. Who wouldn't want this all year round.

Not only does it brighten the skin, it contains antioxidants which boost the collegen production and firm the skin, so anyone that wants natural anti-ageing without layers of chemicals this is the way to go.
Vitamin C can prevent and repair the signs of ageing so no matter how young or old you are this is one thing you can't go wrong on incorporating in your lifestyle.
Your skin can get damaged from pollution, UV Ray's and Smoke, so with Vitamin C this is in your body to protect and fight off. 
Talking of fighting off, we all know Vitamin C to be an immune booster, so those regular colds and flu we all catch, this is what you need. Food is the best answer to the way you intake this for effects on the immune system. Of course putting creams on your face does not fight a cold, as much as we would love it too.

We all want skin like this -

The intake on Vitamin C that we should all have per day is at least 60mg up to a great total of 2,000mg and believe me, this is easier than it sounds.
Here are a few (high) food options you could incorporate into your diet.
- Bell Peppers
- Kiwi Fruit
- Citrus Fruit (Oranges, Lemon, Lime )
- Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach and Kale)
- Tomatoes
So some of you may hate veg, but I can't explain how important this is, not just for Vitamin C.
I spoke about a lot of this in my '2016 Beauty Resolution' post - please read, it's not to late to make a change.
If you can't consume any of the above you can purchase Vitamin C tablets and capsules to help higher your intake. Or just throw it all in a juicer with some coconut water 😍

With Vitamin C supporting your immune system, it also helps your nervous system, blood flow, iron intake, boosts your energy and prevents eye and heart disease. 
So now you can understand why I thought explaining the skincare benefits would be essential to you all as it does plenty more than you even realise.

If you are thinking of incorporating some sort of vitamin C to your skincare routine to help even put and brighten your completions then here are a few recommended products containing the perfect ingredients.

Murad Moisturiser

Body Shop Moisturiser 

Bobbi Brown - vitamin enriched face base

Philosophy - Turbo booster drops (mix with your regular moisturiser or serum)

The skincare brand I work along side offer 3 amazing key products that you all need in your skincare routine... Face wash, Toner and Eye Cream.
This '180 Face Wash' delivers the free flowing vitamin C within this creamy cleanser, suitable for all skin types using the natural ingredients that evens skin tone, reduces dark spots and any discolouration, leaving skin clean, fresh and soft. Also smoothing any lines and wrinkles whilst vitamin C works it's magic on reducing and preventing them in the near future. It also promotes a firmer more youthful complexion. 
Everything you need in 1 cleanser!!
Also you need to all know about the full 180 collection tested with an apple!
Yes we applied the face wash onto an apple which were cut in half, one half had our '180' cream and the other had an average high street cream. Amazingly the half from '180' did not go brown or rot, unlike the other half that did.
This just proves how protective this product is to the enviromental factors, especially air pollution which our skin needs protecting from everyday.

This PH Balance Toner offers a product for normal to dry skin and combination to oily giving out vitamin C to provide antioxdents to protect the skin.
This also prepares the skin for your following moisturiser and primes the skin ready for a makeup base.
Amazing preperation including the special Vitamin C.

The 'Tru Face Ideal Eyes' is our number 1 eye cream, thanks to the vitamin C extract this is what helps get rid of them dark circles (pigmentation) and reduce/prevent wrinkles around the eyes.
The best thing about this product is that you see a huge difference both immediately and long term whilst the extra anti-ageing ingredients help firm and smooth the skin out.
Eye creams are an important part to your skincare routine as your eyes are the most delicate area on the face, so creams have to be specifically for the eye area, so putting them creams all up to the eye area is not a good choice, this will clog the skin under the eyes which cause puffiness and milk spots (small white spots under the eyes).
We all need IDEAL EYES in our lives.

(Here is a before and after of this eye product)

These products are the ones I have researched and tried for the highest amount of vitamin C along with the great extras that benefit these product.
If you are interested in any, please contact me via email or Facebook.

Once vitamin C is in your system and skin more regularly just bear in mind that once you have corrected this issue/concern please don't forget to keep using SPF products to protect your skin in sun exposure, due to more damage that will never help you repair and perfect your skin, so this will be a repetitive circle.

I hope this post inspired/helped any concern and please feel free to contact my for you personal FREE skincare consultation.

Do you use any Vitamin C lotions and potions? 
Or do you just intake a great amount of this goodness? 

Love Sophie x


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