Sunday, 28 May 2017

My New Lease Of Life

Before christmas 2016 I discovered the world of mindset.
I only dipped into it as I saw lots of influential people using this technique within their lives and businesses.
Up until January, this was the month I really wanted to delve into self development and connecting with myself more spiritually.
Ive not only watched and heard people talk more about this amazing adventure of life but also met people along the way, which are actually local to me. 
The perfect time to introduce you to Buckso. This woman has really made me see another light in this as she is really deep into her spiritual connection and no this is not all woo-woo witch craft stuff haha, this is genuinely connecting with yourself on a deeper level and discovering/manifesting the future of your life but also keeping yourself presently grounded.
Every time I meet Buckso I love chatting about what she's been up to and how things have appeared or changed in her life with any of her actions through her mindset.

For christmas I wanted a book called 'The Desire Map' I thought this would be a great start to creating a path in my mind which is focussed on myself and how I want to lead my future.
I then led onto purchasing books such as '4 minutes to change your life', 'She Means Business - Carrie Green and I'm currently on 'The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Berinstein' Im in love with this one by the way, its a great starter…

I then decided to add Meditation as a daily ritual. My brain really is in overdrive most of the time and I just can't switch off. Which I also think a lot of people can relate to.
At first I found it a little boring and my mind began to wonder off into what I needed to get done or something I needed to add to my shopping list for example. 
But no I decided to stick it out and keep doing 10 minutes of meditation every morning when i wake up. Now I can sit their for 15 minutes and really relax my body and mind into a peaceful state where i can unwind for those few minutes. 
I do listen to the guided meditations still as Im still learning a way to entertain my mind to this state and I enjoy the guidance and imagery that I begin to picture through my process. 

Right this post is not all about my mindset and mediation. What I really want to tell you all is what I have discovered lately and it has taken me the 5 months to train my mind and connect with myself and the universe!

So that was a little intro for how it all started, now after 5 months I felt excitement for the FIRST time from this amazing process!
After books and mediation my friend introduced me to the fabulous little podcast app that we all have already downloaded on our iPhones! (just go onto your homepage and its the little purple mic)
I was on my way to a week on holiday (just 2 weeks ago) and she said 'Im going to listen to a few podcasts'. 
I was like wait, what! How have I missed these little gems.
So I found a few of my favourite authors and motivational speakers along the way and got myself stuck in.

This was just TODAY! I found a podcast from 'Connie Chapman' on Awaken Radio. It was a show called 'How to manifest your desires by following your intuition' 
Now I didnt think to deeply into it, it just caught my eye and i listened. She spoke about her issues and the desires she wanted to manifest and thats when it clicked!
I realised my true passion and desire from not only what I want out of my business but how I want my business to be!

For so long now social media in the makeup world has become huge! Especially in the UK with artists such as the fabulous P.Louise and many more talented people.
But this podcast made me realise, this isn't me?
I have been focusing on creating looks to this standard and learning new techniques to make my business appear the way other peoples do just because its so loved by people like yourselves.
And even I know from experience that my clients actually don't want looks as dramatic as them but why hadn't I clicked before now?

So I'm taking Makeup by Sophie Downing right back to where is began for me, back to inspiring artists like Pixiwoo, Bobbi Brown and many others. 
You know why? Because thats where my passion and talent lies.
I don't want to be creating looks to just wow I want to create looks that my clients can relate to and inspire their own makeup to be.
Overall that comes under NATURAL BEAUTY 
I rave about how natural skin products are the top of my list, so why doesn't my makeup correspond?

My creativity is always there no matter how light or heavy a makeup look is but my skills bring out the passion of natural beauty and enhancing what you have!
I don't want to change faces, make someone look like a celeb. Deep down we don't want that, we want to look the best versions of ourselves and flaunt what we already have.

After my amazing experience whilst eating breakfast with headphones in this morning I finally new what was missing. What that little gap was for how i can progress in life and my business.
Over the next few weeks I want to focus on a business clear out and really re-programme what it is i offer.
My services won't change of course, because what I do every day is always what Ive just described, its in my mindset that I'm thinking different.

Connecting with myself, mind and body has really added up those dull 5 months into thinking nothing was happening into realising my whole future and I can't wait to see what the future brings.
Its goal setting time ladies!

I would LOVE to know if you read any mindset books or listen to podcasts?
If you don't, then I hope i have inspired you to open up to this side of life.

I would also be honoured to answer any questions about this or even post more blogs on this subject if you were really curious about these things.
Either comment or email me at -

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.
Sophie xx

References - 
Buckso - @feelbetterwithbuckso
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Friday, 26 May 2017

May Holiday Makeup Bag

Ive told you my Sun Protection collection, now I'm sure your more interested in my key goodies which I took to Mallorca with me.

Lets call it my 'Spring Face'
Cause I have my August holiday to come, and I'm sure i will have a change of products for this holiday!

I could sit and write up the whole makeup bag I took with me but to be quite honest I hardly used any of it, I wanted to create makeup looks every night like i usually do but my body and mind was constantly screaming REST WOMAN!
My job is my hobby and I don't feel like I 'work' its just all fun and games in the makeup world (apart from the paperwork) but this holiday was a total lazy week which I took over advantage of.
4 books read, yes 4!!

So makeup looks didnt really happen but 6 key products were sure used every night!
Here they are…

MAC Strobe Liquid
I seem to always grab this little beauty and decant it into a pot as you really don't need much.
As your skin does tend to get dry on holidays from the sun my strobe liquid just perks up my skin and gives a lovely glow under any other product that I apply to my skin.
The iridescent dimension sits perfectly on any toned skin, although MAC has now brought out multiple shades of the strobe liquid with colour correctors in, so you have plenty of choice.

Guerlain BB+ Hyrda 
I was adamant that I was NOT wearing foundation on holiday! I always am to be fair, although sometimes i only wear it to even my skin tone out. I dug this out of my kit, knowing that this has always been to dark from me from when i got given this product when i worked for guerlain I could never make the most of the luxurious BB cream on my own skin. So my eyes lit up when I knew I was getting some sun exposure.
This BB cream has the most amazing hydrating ingredients in, nourishing your skin with natural water which is made to make your skin absorb every drop! It really does, anyone with dry skin, you need this in your life.
I also love the finish of this as it keeps your skin looking and feeling moisturised for the whole duration of using this products.

Nars 'Laguna' Bronzer
There is a few forms of this no.1 selling bronzer, compact powder and liquid are the ones I own in my personal and work kit depending on your skin type or what finish you are wanting.
I knew that I was using my moisturising BB cream so I decided to take the pressed powder with me to take away any unwanted shine and also use as my contouring.
I love how this bronzer is matte enough with a natural, complimenting shimmer on the face and its the perfect shade for all skin tones, you honestly can't go wrong!

Nars 'Copacabana' Multiple Stick
Again I own a few of these stick, they have so many shades for all different purpososes. With 'Copocabana' I use this more as a highlighter and to bring out any high points on my face such as cupids bow, cheekbones and brow bones. This shade really is mid way for all yellow and pink undertones skin, and there really isn't many highlighters that can be used on both.
The glow this gives is just POPPING! You can use it from the stick or tap onto the areas and build up in your own pace.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
I use this EVERYDAY, from snow to sun this concealer will be under my eyes!
It it literally crease free and doesn't set with a powdered finish which I hate in many concealers but it gives the maximum coverage under the eyes to make your look so awake and alert.
I always go 2 shades lighter in my concealers which I have the shade 'Vanilla'

YSL Kiss and Blush 
And finally a great multi purpose product from YSL which i used on my cheeks and lips.
This creamy, satin texture is so luxurious on the skin and lips and really keeps the application looking smooth and even.
Cream blushes are my go to on holidays and in summer as it just gives my that summer feel knowing that my skin will just look smooth and products glide on like a breeze, especially on the cheeks, you don't want that build up in one area of powdered pigment thats decided to hold in one area and wear off of the rest.
This product again comes in various shades, I chose shade 07 as i wanted that peachy undertone and coral effect with my chosen makeup looks this holiday.
I did of course take other lipsticks so I could mix my outfits up but a coral lip in Spring/Summer will never date.
It shouts 'Summer Time' don't you think ;)

Theres my top 6 products for my spring holiday face.
Have you tried any of these?
Are any other my products on your 'summer makeup list'?

and finally, the only thing i haven't spoke about is my Holiday Skincare Routine, comment below or let me know if you would like to see this on the blog next week.

Love Sophie xxx


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Holiday Sun Protection Favourites

You may know I just got back from my holiday in sunny Spain just last week.
Let me tell you, reality kicks straight back in! haha

But my weeks break in the sun really was what I needed, just to clear my head, relax and think about NOTHING! Yes we all need it.
I knew I needed that break just before wedding season really kicks in at the end of May!

I thought the perfect post to kick start back into May for you all was my 'Holiday Sun Protection Favourite' 
To be quite honest we all just go to our closest Boots store and grab our usual sun protection from 8-50+ but we don't really think about the other factors of what a suncream really does for our skin for every minute of that sun exposure.
Yes protection in NUMBER 1 on the list to why we need this but this year I decided to really put more focus into what I wanted from my tan and the feel of my skin.

Have you heard of this sun care brand?
'Prepare, protect and prolong your tan, with or without the sun' 
Doesn't that sound too good to be true!

Well my first usage of this was a face cream which I purchased for my holidays last year as I don't like using the same cream for my face and body just due to the ingredients in a body cream is very different to one focused for the face only.
I used to break out horribly from these body creams on my face, and a mix of sweat of course.
So i brought Lancaster Face Protection learning from my beauty experience that this brand is focussed on - 
- Overall Sun Protection 
- Gaining a sun kissed, healthy, even tan by helping release the melanin to a higher surface of the skin
- UVA (Prevention of lines and wrinkles - A is for Ageing)
- UVB (Prevention to burning rays - B is for Burning)
- Infrared Technology (Goes deeper than UVA & UVB as it helps keep the skins firmness and elasticity - which is proven that to much sun exposure makes skin feel and appear loose as time goes on)

I have literally never found a brand with such beneficial factors, so I knew I needed to experiment with more!
I want to explain to you what factor i used and how the products felt on my skin throughout my holiday.

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
Velvet Touch Cream - Radiant Tan for the Face 
SPF 30
From using this cream last year it never failed me a second time around! 
In fact I hadn't brought a new tube this was purely half full from last year so I may as well use it again.
For a SPF 30 this face cream is not as thick as you may expect, as soon as its applied and worked into the skin it soon sinks in leaving a smooth, non-sticky finish.
This product is a silky texture which glides on and thoroughly protects this skin as I have not had any Burning issues when using this face protector as I used to always seem to burn my forehead where I pull my hair up out of the face and a popular nose burn like lots of people seem to get. 
Which does not look nice with ANY makeup over the top!! haha

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
Melting Tanning Milk 
SPF 15 
Now this one was a new-be, I have never used a Lancaster body cream before now and let me just say, i will NEVER by any other!
My skin was constantly smooth, silky and baby soft throughout my whole holiday!
Usually i can get quite dry with the sun drying out on my legs and elbows always seem to harden up when i go away, but using this beauty my skin contained so much moisture and hydration it makes me want to wear its everyday!
Infact I really am tempted to moisturise in this haha! 

The texture was finer than the face cream but thick enough to feel protected and moisturised.
I had the 400ml bottle just because it was a better price than buying a small one, when i know I'm going on holiday again in a few months so i knew it would last me.
I would say i used around 100ml so I have plenty left and proves i didnt need to use so much.
I on average applied suncream over my whole body 3x in a day.
Which really may be recommend 3-4 time a day to keep the highest protection, but I sure am a sun goddess, and was soaking it up every minute of the day.
And again i didnt burn ANYWHERE in the whole week i was there!!!
I would highly recommend this amazing sun cream to anyone going away.

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
After Sun Tan Maximiser 
For Face and Body

This product I have brought for the past year every time I've been a way.
After a shower in the evening there is nothing worse than no aftersun and leaving your body to feel dry and dehydrated so of course I purchased a new bottle of this as I really did want to buy all the products so that I could reap the benefits of this brand.
Yes it worked!
I came home with a lovely warm, sun kissed tan with my healthy yellow undertones leaving my skin nicely tanned and even.
This product is described to be used after sun exposure and when you get back from your holidays to pro-long  your sun tan and keep it long lasting even when back in rainy england.
I think I read or heard around a month of prolonged tan when sticking to using it, so I'm still applying this after every shower.

The aftersun, is a lightweight texture so it does not feel thick when you apply or after it has soaked in which can be a hit or miss for some people depending on what they prefer.
I actually really like it as i do love apply body oils on my skin throughout the week so they really went hand in hand.
One thing i will say is the smell of this product is quite a sting, prominent, musky smell in my opinion but once it has soaked into the skin the smell does fade, so you can easily apply fragrance over.

But again I have always seen a difference with my tan and how long it lasts when using this is the past.
Im just hoping it will be even better now i used the suncream with it on my holidays too.

Last but not least

Ok so this one does not contain any SPF but i grabbed this last minute for my packing as my lips were so dry and chapped before i went away and I do love a lip balm or crayon around the pool in the day to keep them moisturised.
I absolublty LOVED this lip wax, it was honey and peppermint, which was so refreshing and my lips became smooth and hydrated through the holiday.  Im still using this now, although i do love a good lipstick everyday back at home but it still works under or over any lip colour.
You can also get this in different types such as Coconut, Pomegranate, Strawberry and many more.

Have you tried any of these products on your holidays?
Or are you now curious to try these products yourself?

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on 'May Holidays Favourite Makeup Products'

Love Sophie x

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

ISSUE: Preventing Your Makeup From Creasing

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my recent question that I asked…
'Do you struggle with one area of your makeup? If so what is it?'

Your feedback was a great, and there was a huge variety which was a good and a bad thing for me to help with haha but gives me a hell of a lot more blog posts to write up.
So I decided to start off with this issue first… Preventing you Makeup from Creasing.

Many of you have the issue with under eye creasing, especially when your wanting to keep that dewy effect.
First off, you may thing of the obvious thing… Primers and yes this is number one on my list too.

1. Prime
Be sure that with anything you do on your face/eyes that you have a primer underneath. They really do smooth out any unevenness you may have, prepare a base for following products and hold the product for longer.
(Your under eye primer will be classed as you face primer and there is no product directed to that area only)

2. Prepare your eyes with a easily absorbing eye cream.
A key tip to creating flawless under eye concealer. As many of our eyes are actually dehydrated and we don't even know it.
So by using a eye cream before applying our makeup will hydrate the area so that our makeup does not sit in any lines or dryness around the area.
(Also if you are in a rush to let the eye cream absorb, just blot the area with tissue after you apply to take away the excess)

3. Add drops of oil to your concealer
Some concealers are very drying and hard, so scraping the product our and mixing with a drop of facial oil with loosen the product and help sink into the skin more.
My favourite Facial oil…

4. Use fingers not brushes!
By all means apply the concealer with a brush if you directing at certain areas but for a setting finish and and even coverage press the product with your fingers. The warmth of your skin will help dissolve the product more smoother and prevent the creasing issue.

5. Choose lightweight formulas & less product
One we can easily get wrong is buying thick concealers just because we think it will cover better, well thats where your wrong as everything is buildable, but knowing how much we need is another issue. 
So don't over do it and 2 layers is usually enough for everybody. 
You don't want a caked under eye.

6. Avoid to much powder
Again its all about building your coverage and not going OTT too soon. 
Sweep your fluffy brushes lightly under your eyes until you have fully set the concealer

7. Blot
A underrated trick now days is blotting your skin. Most popular for oily skin types to control the oils through the day but using these little sheets under the eyes also has the same impact.

My go to under eye concealer which actually contains many of my tips is of course the Body Shop 'All in One Concealer' which comes in 5 shades.
'Our all-in-one concealer is lightweight yet hardworking, camouflaging imperfections and bags with an easy to blend formula. Infused with vitamin E and Community Trade Marula oil , choose from one of the 5 shades for long wearing, silky-smooth coverage.'

Do you have trouble with your makeup creasing?
Give these tips a go and see if I have your cure!

Love Sophie xxx 

Monday, 13 March 2017

REVIEW: Burberry 'Dusky Pink' Lip Velvet Lipstick

You may all know that I went on a mini holiday/city break to the BEAUTIFUl Barcelona.
All I can say is this was an amazing experience to what I'm used to when I go away on summer holidays.
Just due to the fact that a city is all about exploring and sight seeing such an interesting place.
5 days was just enough, we literally did and saw everything, including a bike ride and walking 25,000 steps per day!! Calves were in agony.

But I'm back to reality and was straight back to weddings on the saturday, good job i love my job :D

Of course whilst I was in Barcelona we went shopping at the Cantalunya area with all the luxury designer boutiques.
I really wanted to tray myself to some sort of accessory like new shoes or a handbag, but i didnt fall in love with any that afternoon. Then my eyes were drew to the Burberry Makeup stand in their boutique.

I couldn't help myself but to buy their latest Spring 2017 Velvet Lipstick.
In shade 'Dusky Pink - no.406'
For Spring Makeup Trends this year is big for the dusky rose shades with a grey undertone.
I had already discovered VB for Estee Lauder as her lip colour was pretty similar with the grey undertone, that I was thinking about going back for but of course Burberry pipped the post!

Look at this beauty!
You didnt think i just got a tube of lipstick in its packaging right?
Oh no, it came in its own little cylinder box, gift wrapped in a Burberry bag.
Im paying for the little things, i know, but how could I resist.

Burberrys Lip Velvet range are their most pigmented lipsticks, giving the most colour pay offs than the others.
Im one for the deep pigments as I want to see the colour on the lips and it not just look sheer and invisible, so I knew I wanted this range.

Burberry claims these lipsticks to be;

  • Discover the modern way to wear matte, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics.
  • The richly pigmented lip colour glides on effortlessly, delivering a creamy, soft-matte finish with elegant and bold full coverage in one stroke. The light-as-air, comfortable-wear lipstick delivers defined shape and continuous colour with a lasting velvet finish.
  • – One-stroke full coverage
  • – Creamy, soft-matte texture
  • – Non-drying formula

All that is bang on.
I love the creamy formula and the soft matte finish that this lipstick gives to a look.
However lots of matte lipsticks dry quite hard and dry on the lips which causes to flake throughout the day whereas this one stays creamy.

The gorgeous packaging has a magnetic seal on the lipstick top and comes with the classic burberry textured fabric printed on the lipstick and the casing.

All I can say is go out there and treat yourself! 
Im temped to get one of the 'Liquid Lip Velvets' next in the striking 'Bright Crimson' which is like a neon coral, I wish i got both now…
I can see this being my go to summer lip for sure!!


Sunday, 19 February 2017

REVIEW: The Body Shop - Oils of Life

Its so amazing to find a skincare brand which I have fallen in love with and it so reasonably priced that give REAL results!

Many of you may know that I was previously an Account Manager and Makeup Artist for Guerlain, when working for them I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use their products on a regular basis and get products from them also.
Their skincare ranges had always been at the top of my list and nothing could top them, but thats what their £200-£400 price tag came in, and its just to realistic.
You may now be thinking wow!


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Luscious Lips for Valentines

The perfect time to release a 'lip' post to time it right for the Valentines Day dates.

Winter is slowly coming to an end, even though it is still ice cold!
Some of us are still struggling with dry, chapped lips… I don't want you going on dates trying to bite them smooth, thats not the way.

I for one find dry lips so frustrating cause i can't help but bite them and getting out of that habit is hard!
So this post is going to advise you on the best tips, tricks and products to smooth, hydrate and leave them lips looking and feeling luscious!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

REVIEW: MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oils

I am so excited about the new Facial Oil trend that has hit the beauty world ready for spring 2017!
2016 was all about Glowing skin, mainly using radiant primers and highlighters but this year it's focusing on our natural radiance from the true shapes of our faces.
Anything glowing, highlighting or dewy looks hits from a light onto our faces and brings out the high points in our facial bone structure.
Natural all the way!

One of the first oils I found hit the market with such popular reviews was of course MAC's Prep and Primer range of Essential oils in different scents, and they do smell to die for!
I brought 'Yuzu' which is a really oriental warm but floral smell.
The other types are:
- Sweet Orange and Lavender
- Grapefruit and Camomile
I wanted to go for a scent which pretty much everyone will love as I don't want one being to sweet or strong for my clients plus I'm not a huge fan of Lavender although it did not smell too bad.

These oils are said to leave the skin 'feeling energised and moisturised with a healthy glow'.

There are many ways of using oils, my favourite is mixing your oils with your daily moisturiser before you apply your makeup (Leave skincare to develop for around 10mins before makeup)
By doing this you are inputing extra nourishment and natural oils into the skin by mixing with your moisturiser and not getting that oily look.
This is amazing for all skin types.

Another way which I saw this oil was great for was mixing with iridescent pigments to created liquid highlighters!!
Dominic Skinner a senior MAC artist (a guru!) Revealed this amazing technique on Instagram which pretty much made me buy this oil!
(I can't find his exact photo but here is one similar to what it can do)
I want to inject my whole oil into this…
So I will be making some separate pots and trying this method :D

You can literally use facial oils and mix them with anything, eyes, cheeks, lips? Basically a non-sticky gloss effect which you can't beat!

BUT, The way which I wanted to experiment this MAC oil with was to mix this with my foundation to give a more dewy and radiant look in my skin by sitting on the top of my makeup instead of dissolving with my moisturiser.
Although I didn't find this oil was much suited to this direction.
I found that it gave my foundation less coverage and left brush streaks on my skin which i needed to blend with a beauty blender which kind of lost the radiance about the oil.
So some oils may be better than others.
I did find an oil which was perfect for all the uses I wanted…
Maelle Skin Therapy Facial Oil!
It was so easy to use and blend. If you were interested in ordering this product follow this LINK
The Maelle oil is a MUST for you beauty bags!

You know what to do…
Get yourself a Facial oil for your makeup bags this Spring/Summer and get experimenting.
I'd love to know what you try…

Also find out WHY you need to invest in the new Facial Oils (more in-depth)
From last weeks blog post - HERE

For any makeup or bridal enquiries/bookings please email me on -

And become a Subscriber to my Makeup Artist Newsletter
For all updates, offers and Makeup Talk!

Sophie xx


Friday, 20 January 2017

Why You Need To Invest In The New Facial Oils

This year Facial Oils are a skincare must have this year.
Ok not just Skincare buy also a Makeup bag must have and I'm going to tell you why!

Years ago lots of people wouldn't touch facial oils, just the people with dry skin.
Well now its proven to balance out every skin type and its a new Spring Trend for a makeup looks also.

So I'm a BIG believer of skincare routines as you all know, and hopefully those who have changed into one also then you will see the benefits and how much better your makeup sits and appears on your skin just because you have a good skincare routine.
Now add an oil to your skincare and see a change in the youthfulness and radiance in your skin!
Facial oils are amazing for ALL skin types to balance out your natural oils and help correct any uneven texture and controlling your natural oils which most of them we have to purify to balance out to a normal skin type.

Where Facials oils would mainly be used; Cleanse, Tone, FACIAL OIL, Moisturise.
You wouldn't so much need a serum in your skin regime when using oils as it has so many benefits but just switch routines for morning and night maybe if you still want to use your serums.
Don't know how much to apply? 3-6 drops is ample for your face and neck.
Don't drown your skin, your skin knows how much it can absorb, so test it out.

Top tip - Oils do not need to be rubbed into the skin. 
Apply your drops onto the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to warm up and spread the oil  then apply to the face in a sweeping motion and finishing with pressing the oil into the skin.

Heres an AMAZING photo about what oils work best for what skin type…

Now the exciting part…
Facial oils are now becoming a must-have for our makeup bags too!

We are mixing them in foundation to give us a radiant glow (without looking greasy)

Also mixing them in out under eye concealers to give us a natural highlight in a downwards triangle, this will need to be set with powder right under the eye area only - to prevent creasing.

Adding oils to highlighted areas only - such as cheekbones, browbone, cupids bow and anywhere else you want to add a natural radiance.
A fab one which is similar for this look is mixing the oil with a metallic pigment to create an intense metallic glow and even a metallic highlight which patting in with our ring finger to give a softer look.

Then one of my favourites, mixing it with our lipsticks and swaying away from a matte lip into a glossy lip but without the stickiness! How much better can it get.

You now see why Spring is one of my favourite seasons when it comes to makeup, as everything gets brighter and fresher and I suppose more natural? Dare I say…
So get a facial oil in your beauty bags for 2017, you'll find multiple ways to use it.

Heres what I grabbed this week to use for multiple make up reasons and an addition to my kit.


Friday, 13 January 2017

BRIDAL - Spring/Summer 2017 Makeup Trends

Goodbye Winter 2016, HELLO Spring 2017!

Its the time of year where all spring/summer brides start to panic and realise their wedding is THIS YEAR!

Im going to bring you into the spring sprit and get you all makeup ready!!
Spring officially starts in March, so you have 2 months to get prepared ;)

Of course all my brides know that they get an insight to my 'Bridal Bible' with all the top trends and colours that are taking over the catwalk for their wedding season.
So I'm going to bring you all up to date and help you 'hopefully' find your bridal makeup look which can be incorporated/requested for you big day.

White Lashes
So this is the only 'rare' makeup look which is probably not wearable, but its here anyway!
White lashes struck on the S/S 17 catwalk shows and really gave the models a wide eye effect!
White is a key colour when giving the eye a bright, wide eye look. To incorporate this trend in your bridal look it would be great to apply white mascara to your bottom lashes, this then is not too over powering and will help focus on the make up around the eyes.

Oils all together are a big trend this year!
Spring becomes about radiant skin to every day makeup so artists will be mixing dry facial oils with foundations to give that radiant, dewy skin effect, which is gorgeous! (Its what ill be doing!)
For brides the big oil trend is for their lips! Last year brands released lots of lip oils which I was a huge fan of. It gave the effect of a glossy, plumped, high shine lip but without the stickiness AND it conditions at the same time! No cracked lips this year.
This is perfect for brides wanting a fresh look when concentrating on flawless skin to strike that luxurious lip look.

Pink Lips
Go hand in hand with the oil trend! Baby pink lips look a dream on an English Rose skin type so add the oil and add the show into show-stopping.
If you have medium to dark skin tones warmer pinks work a treat as well, giving that more feminine, romantic look for your special day.

Rosy Cheeks
Another pinky theme to the bridal look this year. Depending on your skin tone the main shades you will be looking at to get that rosy look would be pinks and corals.
Perfect to perk up the skin and to let your skin look so healthy (when really you've been stressing ;))

Platinum Eyes
A new one on the list this year! Another word for Platinum would be your silvers and metal greys.
Now I wouldn't recommend a grey smokey eye on most people due to this giving a 'cool' overall look which can make your skin look dull.
Put a layer of silver sparkle on the centre of the eye lid or a metal grey on the outter eyelid and blend through with metallic shades.

Fresh Face
This one never leaves the trends, all brides want a fresh face for their wedding day.
I believe that 90% of this is your skincare! Get your skincare in a routine and see the effects happen dramatically, you will have a 'fresh face' within a month of sticking to this!
Then its your choice to go matte or dewy on your big day.
Don't forget HD Airbrushing is the 'ultimate' fresh face for my brides.
I do offer this service.

Subtle Smokes
For brides its not all about the dramatic smokey eyes, they always want a toned down effect but still giving a sultry smokey eye in a 'romantic' way.
Which fits right in with this seasons trend.
Subtly smokes from the catwalk was worn using soft brows and smoking out the eyeshadow under the BOTTOM lashes and softly bringing into your crease.
I love this one!
On our trials I can guide you with wearing this look to compliment your eye shape and not everyone has the same application positioning.

Pearlised Eyes
Similar to the 'Platinum Eyes' but pearlised comes more under a different effect.
Pearlised eyes are like a toned down holographic effect, so perfect to use on the eyelid.
This is gorgeous in a soft pink shade bringing a really romantic feel to a look and turning it more sultry when incorporating the 'Subtle Smokes'

Inner Corners
The inner corner trend was a huge one for A/W 16!
I most definetly took advantage of this one by wearing a lot of sparkle and iridescent pigments in my inner corner.
This not only looks shimmery but also opens up and brightens the eye and also recommended for anyone with 'close set eyes'(Again I can help identify your eye shape'
You could also incorporate the Platinum eye trend by wearing the silvers in your inner corner also but the catwalk showed a lot of Golds and Brass bronzes for this look.
Depending on your skin tone certain colours can work better for you.

False Lashes
Last but not least, the year after year eyelash lovers!
They can be bold, feathered, sparse, mix of lengths, you name it!
But I can never recommend my Flutter Lashes treatment any more than I do.
These are feathered individual lashes and are my favourite for all brides as they are not too heavy, look natural and they don't hide your eye makeup (BIG ONE)
Flutter lashes can be booked in for anyone, Just £15

And thats our Spring/Summer 2017 Bridal Trends!
I hope this has either helped or gave you an insight in what can be requested for any bridal look and also keep you on trend for your 2017 wedding.

These can all be tried and tested at your trials where i can help identify and recommend ways of which these trends can personally work for you.

I still have a couple of dates free for 2017 brides.
Please contact me HERE to enquire your special day.

(Click the link or email -

Have a FABULOUS wedding and all the best for the future!
Sophie x


Friday, 6 January 2017

Your 'Overslept' Beauty Essentials

My January posts, pretty much are all realisation points you all need to know for a new start to the year.
Especially todays!

Put your hands up if this is an easy mistake to make after the Christmas break!
All those late nights, and lie in's we had in December have all knocked us out of routine, BIG TIME.
Now setting them 6am alarms are constantly turned into 'snoozes' - then the snoozes end up not working… Ive had this experience as well.
Or maybe you just want that extra bit longer in bed?
Then this is the post you need to read.
Let me tell you about the 'overslept' beauty essentials you need on you're dressing table this month.


Monday, 2 January 2017

Beauty Hacks for Tired, Dull Skin

Firstly Happy New Year to you all!!
I hope you all had an amazing start…

Secondly, we are all feeling the christmas/new year come down knowing that we are back to work and reality properly this week.
Theres not much more to look forward too, but keep your spirits high and set some 2017 resolutions - and I don't mean boring limited goals. Make these exciting!
Mine is to give myself 1 day a week for 'me time' and have the whole day off, because trust me, I did this on the 1st Jan and I felt AMAZING!
Its the little things that count, so maybe its treating yourself to a pair of shoes that you've had your eye on for months, or investing in that 'Temple' Makeup lesson with me to revamp your old look and bring out that new year glow with an updated image.
These are things we can look forward to and feel happy about.

I wanted to start the year off with a post on hacking the tricks for tired and dull looking skin after all that alcohol, naughty treats and lack of sleep.
So I hope you have all started on the water challenge, your skin will thank you later!

But not only have we seen the dull skin effect from lifestyle changes over the festive period but also the harsh, frosty, winter weather would have made a difference to the way our skin looks.
I feel like in the cold weather my skin goes grey and dull because I'm basically just cold and have no perky endorphins jumping out of me like i do in the summer.

A favourite one of mine is COLD WATER.
When washing your face in the morning and evening, make sure you are washing and cleansing with warm water then ending with a splash of cold water to not only wake you up but to close your pores and best of all shock your blood vessels to give you that well-rested, perky skin.

I can never say this enough!! HYDRATE your skin with moisturiser every morning and night without fail!
You know what, I brought my sister a whole skincare routine for christmas because hers was just shocking before. Since christmas day she has stuck to the full skincare routine as I explained to her and her skin has never felt or looked better, she absolutely loves doing the routine as well.
Just the routine itself is just a little 'you time' to care and pamper yourself.
So my point is, having this skincare routine and especially a moisturiser to brighten up your tired and dull looking skin is a must.
Vitamin C is a saviour when it comes to brightening the skin, not just the food but you can purchase Vitamin C Skincare products.
I did a review on this a while back, Read it HERE.

Skip Alcohol and Coffee. Christmas is over now, we don't need no more alcohol for at least a month, so throw it out, keep it locked up and do Dry Jan ;)
Coffee also dehydrates the skin so its best to avoid this high caffeine drink and change to Green Tea or lots of water, again your skin will see and feel the benefits.

Its still winter but who says we can't have a glowing TAN.
Grab yourself a gradual tanning lotion over the winter months, a full fake tan will more than likely look fake this time of year but a gradual tan is a perfect solution just to brighten and perk up your body and face to give that healthy glow up until spring.

HIGHLIGHTERS will be your god sent for jan!
Getting the perfect under eye corrector and concealer will cancel out any dark circles or uneven skin toning. Then layer over the illuminating concealer to grab the reflective light at every angle to really make your skin pop with a glow, and don't forget to add some to your cheekbones and cupids bow.
No more tired and dull skin now!
(I love Bobbi Browns shimmer brick)

Throw out the smokey black christmas eyeliners and grab a WHITE EYELINER.
Draw this along the water line or your eye and you will instantly brighten and awaken your tired looking self.
This is one of my favourite tips!

and finally BRIGHTEN up you LIPS.
Im a sucker for the burgundy, plum lips in the winter but if you want to get rid of your tired, dull looking self then swap it to a coral nude.
The reason I incorporated nude was because we haven't quite hit spring yet so we still want to have that wintery feel, so a coral or pinky nude will be the perfect combination to the rest of this look.

Its as easy as that!
and I bet most of you don't even need to buy anything new. Its just the way we use and apply products which make such a difference.
I want to see the town full of perky, flawless ladies through January!!

I will also be posting the Spring/Summer 2017 Makeup Trends in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that.
Also don't forget to check out my BRAND NEW Makeup Lessons which I released on the 1st Jan!
2017 is the perfect time for a new makeup look, or a revamped routine that you have had for too long now… Learn something new, and book your 1-1 makeup lesson with me.

Love Sophie

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