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REVIEW: Caudalie Beauty Elixir Mist

Caudalie has been a great love of mine for years now! When working at Bennetts Department store this brand caught my eye as soon as I received such fabulous training from Caudalie about all of their products at the time.

The word 'Elixir' drew me straight away, because this screams luxury, beauty and wellness all together!
The Beauty Elixir came from Queen Elizabeth of Hungary as her famous elixir of youth.
Caudalie is known for their 'paraben free' and 100% natural ingredients in all of their products.
They come from France  with their very own Vineyards as their key ingredient is Grapes… this relates to the brands Vinotherapie Spa which are limited in Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, Canada and New York.

How amazing is it that they come from the root of our favourite thing… WINE.
Why wouldn't we want their products all over our skin.
Not only do their natural sources of grapes come from fresh vineyards, they use plant oils, super foods, and many more NATURAL ingredients only.
They are constantly on the look out for the next 'Green', 'Active' ingredient for their beautiful products.

Grape seeds are the most effective, and powerful antioxidant  in the world.
The Resveratrol from the stalks contain the anti-ageing ingredient which is targeted in all skincare and Vinerife from the grape-vine sap is the natural molecule to fight against dark spots.
Heres such an interesting piece of information…

More about the Elixir Face mist though… I have been using this for the past 7 days, under, over and instead of all makeup.
You can use this before makeup, to set makeup, between foundation and powder for an extra top tip for long wear, and also throughout the day to refresh.

The elixir is claimed to give skin a instant boost of radiance, help pores appear smaller and your complexion become even smoother.
I feel like my skin did all of those things, I mainly avoided makeup throughout last week to see how this would effect my skin and my skin is now looking glowing and feels silky soft.
My pores have never been large but I can say that I didn't see any excess oils start creeping out my pores at any time of the day, which proves it was well tamed throughout.

The mist is ideal for any of those who has dull skin, lacks radiance and a great one for those smokers as the antioxidants have the power to perk up your skin.
I also felt that this mist was a beautiful priming base for any makeup being applied afterwards, as it soaked right into the skin within seconds and didn't feel wet at all.
The feeling of it renewing the surface of your skin is like the feeling after a facial.

We also had hot muggy weather again this weekend and it completely kept my skin hydrated and clean feeling though out the days, which trust me in my studio I can get quite hot and irritated with the heat beaming through the window. So i was loving spritzing my skin after every client.

The bottle of the product to me feels really luxury, I love how it is a glass bottle and the spray bud is very fine which means the release of the pump does really let out a 'mist' instead of an attack of spray! I just wanted to spray this multiple times in every angle just because it felt so gentle.
Although at first I didnt like the light mist from the pump as I felt I needed more but as days went on I started to realise that a mist of around 3 sprays was the perfect amount your skin needs as it instantly works its magic.
So it would be really comfortable for anyone with sensitive skin also.
I would also advise this for any skin tone as no matter the texture or finish of the skin, it will work the same on everyone. 

But the smell!!! It is soooo detoxing and refreshing. I wouldn't say it smells like grapes though, I would give it a more herby and lemon with a strong peppermint scent with 100% gives you the feeling of a refresh of cool air on the skin.

You can buy this is multiple sizes, my first bottle was a 30ml, but i loved it that much last time, i brought 100ml this time around. Although i would say a smaller one is better for on the go, which i do wish i hand one in my handbag every now and then.

So overall, it is up on my list and I will be giving out spritz of this on my clients skin for sure.

I also hope this opened up your eyes to Caudalie, as it really is a brand kept on the down low as its only available at certain stores. 
I will love to do more blog reviews on this brand.

To purchase the Elixir Mist or any other Caudalie products be sure to pop into Bennetts Beauty Department on Iron Gate, Derby xx

Do you use Caudalie Products?
Is this Face Mist on your summer list?

Love Sophie x
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