Sunday, 30 July 2017

REVIEW: Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Week 2 is here with a very unpredictable product…
Marks and Spencers - Rosie Huntington Wheatley Makeup Collection.

Now I came across this collection after I died at Charlotte Tilbury… and yes I can compare these products to just them.
They are FANTASTIC and I sure recommend you check out your local M&S for these products.

Rosie has a Cream Eyeshadow stick range with around 4-5 shades. Pretty much your average shades, gold, silver, grey, bronze and so on.
This one I have is a Rose Gold shade.
For some reason they don't have names on the product, maybe it did on the box but thats long gone. So yes this is the Rose Gold/ Soft Pink shade.
I would say the shades are more like shimmer sticks as they gleam beautifully in the light with no excess glitter pigments reflecting, which makes them a lot more easier to wear.

And let me tell you! Green/Hazel eyes you for sure need this shade.
If you scared of pinks but want to start experimenting then start of with this lovely soft pink stick.

Like last week I said they were so easy to apply. You need NO brushes, tools of sharpeners just the sticks and your fingers.
Literally roll them over the eyelid till you are happy with the colour pay off and blend with your fingers to soften any application lines.
They are also great as bases with loose or pressed pigments on top. i actually use this one a lot with a eyeshadow palette from her range called 'You look a million dollars'.
Once this is on, i promise it doesn't budge, so make sure you are blending after you apply - This was one of the sticks that lasted through water!

I also LOVE the rose gold packaging theme she has going on just like Charlotte Tilbury.
Makes you want it all. And its great stuff!
Focussing on the actual product now I would really recommend at least one shade from her range and they do come in so handy for an every day look and apply really easily with no faff.

Keep peeled for next week!
Love Sophie xx


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