Monday, 17 July 2017

REVIEW: Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist

We're on week 3 of Face Mist reviews, which means 3 weeks through July, Wow!
The years flying by. Hopefully your all ready to jet on those summer holidays and what a perfect time to get stocked up on your ideal face mist throughout the heat on holiday.
I sure will be taking mine.

This weeks face mist, is aimed at hydrating the skin.
Vitamin E is recommended for ALL skin types and helps hydrate and add moisture to the skin and also help protect the skin from environmental damage.

Keeping your skin hydrated is such an important elements of your skins cycle on a day to day basis. The desired skin type in a normal, well balanced pH which contains lots of moisture to keep skin supple.
When your skin is dry it causes skin to become tight, dehydrated and attract the ageing process that we all do NOT want.
The same goes for oily skin, if this is your skin type it is more than likely your skin is also dehydrated as it is producing bad oils out of your skin just to keep the skin layers hydrated, but this isn't the hydration we want. You need to purify them bad oils by conditioning your skin with moisture and hydration, not putting drying products on top. It will only make you product more bad oils.
Now do you see why I tell my oily skin clients to use oils!

Well by using the Vitamin E hydrating Mist, this will give your skin the refresh and moisture you skin is screaming for throughout the day also containing its rose water ingredient to soothe.
The mist also includes Wheatgerm Oil which is amazing as this oil contains a rich source of vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium and many more healthy nutrients that your skin is able to benefit from.
Wheatgerm is also great for skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis and eczema which will fully soothe and repair the skin.

Over the past week I have trailed this mist out, before makeup, settting makeup, and throughout the day to refresh my skin.
Of course I have been testing out the past 2 mists over the weeks so the benefits of those will also be working, such as the Vitamin C, grapes and mint.
Although they all do and aim at different areas of this skin, which hydration was lacking from the 2 so this week it was perfect to cover this Vitamin E mist.
I found that my skin wasn't drying out at all, and kept plump and nourished throughout the day and I'm also slightly oily on my tzone sometimes anyway so this mist balanced out my combination skin and kept it hydrated enough to prevent any oils from shining through my makeup.
Overall this would definitely be a beach bag saviour in the hot heat.

The packaging and spray pump is of course the same as the Vitamin C bottle which again I love the gernerous amount of mist that comes out, that really does spread evenly over the face with around just 3 easy pumps.
The smell is pleasant too, with its lovely soft rose scent. None of the Vitamin E range has a strong smell as it's really easy to wear for all skin types.

Well at just £10 you really can't go wrong and I can see this bottle lasting a good 4 months with it being a really generous 100ml.
Theres also so many more products in this range that will work lovely on all skin for any part in your skin routine.

So maybe this mist is the one for you?
If you have any questions or would like a personal suggestion according to your skin type then please leave a comment or drop me a message

Remember, I am a body shop consultant so you sure can get some amazing offers with me that are constantly changing and wowing us with lots of fabulous new products.

Next Tuesday will be the final week - see you then
Sophie xx

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